Hi, I’m Nayana

About Me

I have been practising healing since 2009 and Pranic healing for the last six years and now teaching Pranic healing Basic Level.

Having suffered abuse as a child from someone very close and holding on to that secret through my formative and later years traumatised me mentally and put my physical well-being under much pressure. However, the universe always has a plan for all of us, and it had one for me too. 

During one of her darkest phases, when I was at her lowest point physically and mentally, I stumbled upon Pranic healing and started going for Twin heart meditation classes. Over time, I started learning Pranic healing and Ahartic yoga, founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. My teacher, Les Flitcroft, supported and guided me through my journey and instilled confidence and hope in me.

Before I started Pranic healing, I had difficulty even holding the pen to take notes; however, after a few sessions, there was a marked difference in my situation. I could let go of my turbulent past and finally heal in due course. My condition changed dramatically for the better. Both my physical and mental health improved significantly. 

I was fortunate enough to be given a chance through Pranic healing, and as someone who endured so much pain in my life, I wouldn’t want anyone to experience the same. For this reason, I run meditation classes for mental clarity and calmness. I have also started teaching basic level Pranic Healing to enable people to learn to heal themselves and others. And I can say with confidence that it has helped my clients tremendously to reclaim their lives.

Occasionally some rare incidents in our lives don’t leave the scars on our bodies, yet it wounds our souls to such an extent that it can take forever to heal. Sooner or later, this hidden pain can lead to physical ailments. Henceforth, it becomes essential to treat it before it can irreversibly damage our bodies.

It’s a tough road to tread, but I can help you with this journey of hope. Come, join me, and we can walk the path to hope and healing together.